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So I was thinking about the list part of 31DBBB of the SITS girls commitment I made. One of the days in the challenge was to blog a list. In my delayed attempt to post something, I made a list of the Things That Make Me Smile, which I am happy to have posted. But as usual with me I ruminate on things and think of how I might have done it better.

So here is my reason for the post and other list:

I started blogging because I wanted to find someone, anyone, to help me figure out how to work from home (I’m a freelance journalist) AND parent a toddler AND have a life. As is common with writers, it’s easy to get distracted without an editor and deadline looming in the background and I never started blogging the topic. But I feel that with the SITS girls and the 31DBBB Challenge, I am in the midst of genius. People who manage family and the “real” job of working from home. Please understand I mean no disrespect when I put the word real in quotes. What I am looking for are tips from people who work more at blogging, managing a business, freelance writing etc., than I DO, which is helter-skelter to say the least.

So one with my “other” list:

1) How do you manage your time if you have children that aren’t in school?

2) Do you set up an office at home and set hours? If so, then how do you manage the other aspects of managing home life, e.g., laundry, errands, meals, workouts, playdates etc.?

3) If you do set up hours how do you get your kids to let you work?

4) If you are interrupted by your kids, how do you get back on track?

5) Can you work in segments? Such as, an hour researching, an hour running errands, half an hour feeding kids, back to work, back to tending to skinned knees, banged heads and “mommy can you make this stick into a doll?”

6) Do you have clients, contracts or deadlines? If so, how do you juggle those with the needs of children, especially when they may be crying in background while you interview a client or lead?

7) How much time do you “work?”

8) Do you have a set routine? If so, what do you do when it’s knocked out of whack with a late sleeping toddler or the opposite, when said toddler or child is up all hours of the night?

9) What’s the thing that “gives” when push comes to shove between work, family, yourself?

10) Do you schedule time for yourself? Is so, how often and what do you do?

11) What’s your best advice for someone just starting to work from home?

I guess it’s less of a list and more of an interview, but hey, it’s hard to get the reporter out of me so there you go.

Anyway, thanks for your time and any input and suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

~ The Newbie aka BjW

6 thoughts on “The “New” List…Managing Mommy

    1. Hey Janet, guess what? I am collecting great information on this subject as I “casually” interview many work-from-home moms. I hope to have a post for it shortly (currently under deadline for a new magazine) and would love to have some suggestions or thoughts from you. Feel free to contact directly if you like.

      Hope all is well on your end.

      Cheers, Barbi

      BjW blogger.journalist.writer

  1. Hi Barbi! I’d love to answer some of these for you. I’ve been working from home for 5 years. I still don’t do everything by the books, but I’ve learned a lot. I’d love to do a guest post for you sometime, if you think that would be a good fit for your blog. There’s a lot of questions here… maybe too many to answer in a comment. Contact me if you’re interested.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks so much for your response and offer! I will take you up on it and contact you directly. I have so many mom friends that struggle with the juggling act and often end up quitting their “work” from home.

    I look forward to talking to you and having you as my guest!!

  3. When you figure all of this out, will you please write a post. I think most work at home moms struggle with these issues.

    There is a great group of blogging ladies that run One of the bloggers landed a publishing deal for 2 cookbooks. They are a wealth of information and knowledge.

    Good luck!

    1. Kristia, I will do that. Actually have been doing casual interviews of many work-from-home moms and compiling great information. In fact, I recently interviewed Michelle of, a blogger, freelance writer and mother, who gave me me great tips. I am compiling these great ideas now and will post them soon. If you have any that you would like to add please send! Love to hear more.

      Have a great day and thanks for visiting and commenting!

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