we all have them. Sometimes they are in our head, sometimes on scraps of paper or as the techi-est of us all they may be in our SmartPhone. I’m guessing they are in all of the above.

I have on my check list that I am supposed to post a list on my blog for the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog that I signed up for. Sadly, my list kept getting edited. I didn’t know what to post as a list. Which is remarkable to me since I keep lists EVERYWHERE, just ask my poor husband!

But when I sat down to write said list – I came up blank. You know why? I’ll tell you: Because of the inner journalist/reporter critic.

See, when I was a reporter I had to work to keep my opinions out of the story. I was just to report, nothing else. So in my head I think, “who cares what I think?” Blogging isn’t that way though. I read many blogs and I love what their writers think, which is why I read them!

So, without much further ado and analyzing, here is my list – it’s of the things that make me smile (in no particular order):

1) The little red-headed bird that felt comfortable enough to just come on into my hotel room while I’m writing this. He hopped around on the floor chirping away.

2) When someone comments on on of my blog posts.

3) When I make my husband laugh out loud. He has a sharp wit and tends to be the funnier one of us, but now and again I say or do something that just busts him up. I love that!

4) My son, Henry, saying, “Let’s all be together” and then wrapping his arms around me and my husband and pulling us close to him.

5) Surfing a wave all the way to shore, especially when it’s the last one of the day.

6) Older couples walking hand-in-hand.

7) The Meanest Mom blog. She has me more than smiling, she has me busting a gut half the time.

8) Having nothing to do but watch the grass grow or the wind move the clouds in the sky.

9) A nap in the afternoon.

10) When my son tells me “You’re in my heart mommy.” That gives me the biggest smile of all.

Do you have a list of what makes you smile? If so, let me know so we can all share a smile – it’s good for the soul.

Love the Life you Live,


"Let's be all together"

5 thoughts on “Lists…

  1. So glad I found your blog! Over from the challenge. I too just got my list up. Trying to follow the tasks each day but not always writing a post about them. Keep letting us know what you think, you don’t need to be unbiased here.

    1. Yeah, I’m not alone out here! Thanks for your feedback, I will work at keeping the inner journalist critic at bay 🙂 BTW – love your humor and your blog!

  2. I love your list, especially the old people still affectionate with each other (now that I’m quickly becoming one of them) and ANY unsolicited child love and appreciation.

    I battle a strange war in my head over making lists myself… I can only explain it as my right brain saying, “Leave me alone left brain you ruin my fun!” So, I guess it’s sort of what you are talking about…the critic. But mine is so powerful that I’m afraid to let it peek out anywhere near my writing (or something?!) Disorganization is real problem around here, as you can imagine.

    Barbara, If you don’t start tweeting for your 300+ devoted followers I’m going to scream. They are ripe and ready to hear about your list.

  3. It makes me smile when I learn that I’m not the only one…. I struggle with putting my own voice into my writing too. I have to work to keep it out for my day job, so it makes it hard to find it when I need it. I love this list, bytheway, it’s a great reminder that the simple things really are cause for bliss. P.S. I found you through the 31DBBB.

    1. Thank you Michelle, for not only finding me but for commenting and sharing. I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling to find “my” voice in blogging. It really can stifle me sometimes.

      I’m glad you liked my list (of course the editor within was constantly telling me why NOT to post it… lol!). I feel fortunate that my mom really impressed upon me how important it was to find beauty in everything and I hope to do the same for my son. To add to my list, new found friends through 31DBBB 🙂


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