A Journalist is someone who reports on the world around them and then tells the story. That’s me in a nut shell. I love researching, reporting and writing about the people, places and things that touch our lives. When people ask why I write, I tell them it’s because I want people to feel or think about things differently than they may have. I want to move people with my writing.

I’m not ready to go back to the magazine or newspaper world yet, but I still want to report and write, so I’ll be my “own” journalist and yours as well if you want. Here, I am the creative editor and can pick and choose my stories. All I ask is that you, my readers, please be patient with me. It’s been awhile since I’ve written professionally and my skills are rusty. I want to be a better writer, reporter and at telling the stories that make you think so give me fair and honest feedback, I will listen.

This is also where I’ll put my published articles, like a portfolio of my work. Most stories have to do with health, food, fitness, sociology (community and family) and travel, things I’m still interested in so if you have an idea for a story, I say bring it on and put me to work!


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