What the hell are these little bugs that keep landing in my wine? Okay, so I could probably find what these pesky nat-like flying creatures that hover around my browning bananas and softening grapefruits are, but I don’t.

We live in central Phoenix (also called CenPho buy some), a neighborhood with fruit trees, irrigated lots and massive trees, things which don’t readily come to mind when thinking of the Arizona desert, unless of course your family owned an orchard or you grew up around the irrigation canals as a kid.

I didn’t notice the bugs then.

Of course, now I do – as they continually land in my delicious and reasonably priced red wine (Layer Cake’s Malbec for the curious). I keep slipping paper towels or my SPF’d fingers into my Ikea wine glass to give them a raft to float on or mash them into bits. Either way, the irritation of them landing in my glass creates more frustration than the fact of Hawaiian Tropic or bug gusts mixing with my wine.

Then of course as I write this, I wonder to myself, hmmmmm…. what DOES that say about me?

It says this: I LOVE my wine, I’m practical and well, I’m not too hung up on germs.

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