Starting The Day Off Right


Yesterday I did something different in the morning when I got up – I lit a fire in our fire pit on our patio.

Yes – I took bits of saved up newspaper, shoved them under a very un-eco friendly fake log and lit it up with a butane lighter.

It was amazing. I sat and read the early morning news, crafted a blog post & enjoyed the sun rise.

When my son and husband woke – they joined me outside. My son LOVED having an “outdoor” fireplace. He thought it was so cool.

So did I. So did my husband. The morning was great. We talked until it was time for breakfast. Then we ate al fresco & the morning was just blissful. No TV, no crying or windging about this or that. Just peace. Calm.

It carried through to my entire day. I was amazingly productive!

So I think I’ll do it again tomorrow – hopefully it will have the same calm & peaceful effect.

What’s your perfect way to start your day? Struggling in the mornings or do you have a pace & routine you love?

If so do share.

Peace & Love


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