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Well the overnight flight from Honolulu, HI was shorter today than our trip out but eegads it was hard to stay away this time. I didn’t get much sleep before we checked in downstairs at 8:35 p.m. I had only 2 1/2 hours sleep for my nap. Oh well, I had lots to read while the passengers clocked in their REMs. My favorite read last night was “The Girl’s Guide to Saudi Arabia,” by Maureen Dowd in July’s issue of Vanity Fair.

Her deadpan delivery of things such as when young Saudi girls come of age, they won’t get the same kind of thought provoking book On Becoming a Woman like Ms. Dowd received from her mother, no, these Suadi tweeners will “…have a black tarp thrown over their heads.

The imagery creates for me a Bugs Bunny kind of picture, part disbelief part chortle. Yet, her years as a skilled journalist allow the reader to really know the depth of the problems and see the “real” Saudi through Ms. Dowd’s encounter.

She even  entertained herself  by trying to see how long it would take for a male Ceberuses to dash in front of her to block her movement to the front area – the men only area.

I am now more intrigued by the lifestyle of the women of Saudi and thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Dowd’s tone and take.  I look forward to many more interesting reads that also give me a good chuckle. I was able to stay awake on my midnight ride home over the Pacific thanks to Ms. Dowd and her “wit-full” writing.

I can only hope to write half as well as her someday.


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