Making memories MAKE YOUR FAMILY VACATION MEMORIES LAST                        Summer is coming to a close, and as school ramps up, those sweet, fun memories of your hard-earned family vacation start to fade. They get lost in the shuffle of Meet the Teacher nights, buying books […]


Leg one of Phoenix to Rome (PHX-DFW). Let’s see, seltzer water, for hydration; orange juice, vitamin C for my immune system; vodka for, you know, “yoga” in a bottle; and a biscoff cookie, just because it’s freakin yummy! ;)~ Non~Rev travel is always an adventure, its like a crap shoot. You go to bed late […]

The Flawed Writer

Nearly a year ago, with fresh and renewed enthusiasm I started back into the world as a journalist, as a blogger as a writer, the deepest of my passions. I had an entirely new life. From my job, to my partner, my zip code, my life, everything was new, different, exciting and scary all at […]

The Mother of a Guilt Trip I’m Taking

  Yeah, I made the decision to change bases from Phoenix, AZ where I’ve lived and worked for the former America West Airlines for almost 30 years as a flight attendant, to Philadelphia, PA. But decisions are hard, especially for me – let’s clear here – I really hate to make them, especially the last […]

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